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The Esports & Media University (The EMU) is the MENA region’s first specialised gaming, esports and media incubator; a platform designed to nurture and train the next generation of content creators, pro-am gamers, esports enthusiasts, streamers, producers and designers.

The EMU’s interactive modules and programs provide students with exclusive access to the skills required to succeed in the hyper competitive sector of esports, gaming and content creation, experiences which are usually only accessible through full time employment by a gaming and esports Agency.

What we do

The EMU is part of Power League Gaming FZ LLC, MENA’s leading esports, gaming and content production agency. The EMU is dedicated to surfacing, nurturing and incubating fresh talent. It fosters real-world experience and provides downstream opportunities to the next generation of content creators & gamers. Whether you are a streamer, an amateur gamer looking to move pro, a keen producer or an aspiring designer, the EMU is focused on giving students the experience and opportunity they require to succeed in the sectors of gaming, esports, content creation and design.

The EMU has campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offering aspiring creators and gamers the tools and experience to become the next generation of top talent. EMU achieves this by transferring the skills required to become the next leaders in gaming and esports content creation; graphic design, LIVE streaming & broadcast, film and TV production, online and offline events and of course, esports.